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Strawberry Spinach Salad with Orange Poppyseed Dressing

Fennel, Beet and Blood Orange Salad by Brooklyn Supper

Red pepper, cucumber, and kidney bean salad. 


The night before I embarked on my Portland whirlwind, I picked up a fresh CSA share. I opted not to postpone it until next week, knowing that I would only be gone for a few days & most of it would keep in my trusty produce bags. When I arrived home from the market with my bounty of organic farm-fresh goodness, I promptly picked out what would spoil the swiftest - tomatoes & mint. What a lovely combination! A tomato-mint salad came to mind, & this “Quinoa,Tomato & Mint Salad” recipe was my guide. I think their description of this salad says it better than I can, as I’m suffering from tired brain syndrome this afternoon…

“Simply stated, whole grain salads pair well with these colorful & flavorful tomatoes, especially when a touch of fresh mint ribbons the dish. Another keeper for go-to salad dishes, this quinoa & tomato dish should be on every summer feasting table. The mouthful of playful, mini-pop texture of the quinoa, with fresh tomatoes, mint & light vinaigrette is a celebration of Summer in a bowl.”

Yea…what they said. You’d think after two writing workshops, my creative brain would be firing…but this noggin is asleep right now, dreaming of Coconut Bliss sundae bars…yum-town!

I loved this salad & P enjoyed it too.It’s truly a “celebration” of the last few weeks of summer & a quick & healthy meal to whip up on a busy evening. I was thrilled to have leftovers to come home to, & to see that the remainder of that precious mint didn’t perish while I was away. Mint tea, anyone?